updos for long hair

3 Easy to make personality enhancing hair styles for Scorpio

Scorpio October 23rd – Nov. 21st: “I want all the things I want or nothing” ardent motto of Scorpio. The strongly motivated attitude of her doesn’t know what the fear is. Determined to face any given situation, not to avoid any conflict Scorpio has the every quality for a straight forward open person. She has absolute devotion towards her needs because she wants to fulfill her every wish from top to bottom.


The steady and uncompromising personality of Scorpio wants something that shows her determination and firmness. Short haircut with the striking appeal would be best for her.

Styling up the hairs:

 Fiery and passionate is what we are looking for. Short hair of Scorpio needs something that projects her attitude clearly.  Chin length bob is a good choice because it attracts towards her fearless face. Another good option is pixie with micro-fringes because it gives her the look of outside the stream with the clear and pure style of Scorpio.

updos for long hair

Fringe Bob: Chin cut bob creates a new look with a modern touch of fringe. Trendy and beautiful all you need is some proper styling so let the magic work. This just like a signature cut for the Scorpio, allow us to show you the way into the world of professional styling by following these easy steps on homepage.

  1. Prepare you washed and towel-dried hair with properly applied mousse along with strong hold.
  2. Now apply some heat protectant and start blow-drying your hair with round brush by twisting the strand around the brush.
  3. After blow-drying take flat iron to create the glossy Gently grab some strands into the iron and slowly work your way down to the end.
  4. Revise the step 3 on all the remaining strands to create glossy fringes.
  5. It’s time to apply some hairspray to give strength to the style.

Asymmetrical Pixie: cuter look for short cut hair. Askew hair is the demand of time and popular too. Follow our five quick steps and let us show you how it’s done!

  1. Neatly washed hair is compulsory for styling. Apply some mousse on towel dried hair to give them shining glossy look.
  2. Now here’s the tricky part, first apply some heat protectant and start blow-drying your hair with a modest diameter round brush. Move your hand downward diagonally.
  3. For perfect result use a flat iron for fringes.
  4. It’s time to use your hand by applying some styling crème on them. Then use them to twirl and pluck your asymmetrical pixie, this will give a shape to it.
  5. Perfectly skewed- will make your pixie cool.

The Messy-Sassy Girl Bob: Universal for all hair types like updos for long hair – Fashonik easy to make, works for every occasion casual or fancy. Great hair style for great Scorpio. Let’s see how it’s done with some easy steps.

  1. Hoped you are making a habit of it. Start with washed and towel-dried hair with some mousse and hair soothing crème.
  2. Straight your hair.
  3. Use flat iron in every section of your hair smoothly.
  4. Apply styling crème on your hand and run your hand softly through your hair.
  5. At the end apply smoothing polish product.