Muslim Prayer Time in DC

If you are finding the Muslim Prayer Time in DC, you are at the right spot here!

Offering Salah is an essential element of Islam. There are five prayers each day that are obligatory for every Muslim, these are Fajar, Duhr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha. The timings of these prayers vary from country to country. These timings vary in accordance with position of the Sun and its geography.According to Muslim belief, these timings were told to Muhammad (P.B.U.H) by Allah. The obligatory prayers are offered on standard times throughout the world.

Here are the details of Muslim Prayer Time in DC.


Fajar prayer:

Fajar time starts with the beginning of second dawn and ends when the sun starts to rise. In second dawn, the light extends from north to south. It is followed by light. Fajar prayer time in Washington DC is from 5:53AM, starting of second dawn to 7:00AM, rising of the Sun.

Duhr prayer:

The time for Duhr in Washington DC is 1:09PM. It is the time when sun has passed its zenith i.e when the Sun reaches the highest sky and then fall towards the west. Your shadows before Duhr keeps on becoming shorter. When your shadow start becoming longer again, it means the sun has passed its zenith and now Duhr time has started.

Asar prayer:

The time for Asar in DC is 4:38PM. It is the time when shadow of the object becomes equal to the height of the object. The time of Asar ends when the sun starts turning yellow in colour.

Maghrib prayer:

Maghrib prayer starts in Washington DC at 7:17PM. It is the time when the Sunsets. The time for Maghrib prayer is till the after red glow of the Sunset remain in the sky. When that glow disappears, it is clear that the time of Maghrib is ended and Isha has started.

Isha prayer:

Isha timing in Washington DC starts at8:26PM. Isha timings lasts until midnight.

Muslim prayer Times different from all countries and cities.

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